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Alexandra Pereira, Portugal lawyer, joined Affilica, arranged a meeting with Affilica CEO at her stall at a London exhibition for holiday-home overseas. Affilica received an enquiry from a Spanish real estate developer looking for a Portuguese speaking lawyer. We introduced. Alexandra later reported the Spanish had appointed her law practice to handle legal work for the sale of 1,350 apartments it was building in a Brazil holiday resort; buyers from UK, Spain, USA, Germany, Portugal and Brazil.

Advertising not allowed by Portuguese law ( Almancil, Algarve, Portugal )

Comment from Affilica CEO: At an estimated fee of say US$300 to buy each of the 1,350 units, this practice struck new fee income of around US$ 0.4 million. Additional fees would arise from re-sale, inheritance, litigation, tax planning, lettings contracts, re-mortgage and so on. Glad to see this outcome.
I can see from your emails that you have been busy promoting Affilica, which is beneficial to all the Affilica members. In Mauritius, the economy that depends a lot on the tourism market, was affected by the financial crisis affecting Europe where the bulk of our tourists come from. With Affilica membership, we have been able to cope with the downturn. We wish to continue our Affilica membership. Keep up the good work and long live the Affilica community.

Jay Dhanjee - Dhanjee Associates & Cie ( Mauritius )

Comment from Affilica: Your words about your experience is proof that Affilica delivers. It is good to see your vision of keeping Affilica membership is proving positive for your practice prosperity. Together we prosper better.
Our Affilica membership has proven to be very useful for retention of clients because they know our firm belongs to a worldwide alliance of professional firms. We had useful contact with members from other jurisdictions e.g. Malta, Italy. We were able to refer potential clients to other colleagues, specifically in Italy.

Jose M Dutilh - LeQuid, J. Dutilh Business Law Firm ( Madrid, Spain )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Good to see your success story that your Affilica membership enables your practice expansion.
Our Affilica membership has enabled us to apply for two audit assignments which require international affiliation as a precondition. Our staff are excited and proud to be working for a firm that now has an international dimension; this is a morale booster. Many organisations prefer to deal with professional firms with a global connection. This was a sort for barrier for us in the past but with Affilica membership we are now overcoming this. Thank you.

Abdulraheem Oladele ACA - HDA Audit ( Kaduna, Nigeria )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for your endorsement. It is good to see Affilica has brought you results.
Here in Istanbul and at our branch in Samsun, we are getting new clients. For example, we got a new Italian client. So we are doing good things right now because of our membership of Affilica.

Eser Sevinc CPA - TEK Auditing and CPA Ltd ( Istanbul, Turkey )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for confirming this actually works for you.
Thank you for forwarding the recent inquiry from London. We are now discussing billing rates and so it seems we may have our first brief through Affilica.

Ranjeev C Dubey - N South Advocates ( Gurgaon, Delhi, India )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thanks for informing us that you got a new client from another country.
Our visit to a fellow Affilica member in Milan was successful as we have now developed connection there with that excellent CPA firm. Our client in Milan is happy with our services and our knowledge, and they have engaged us in India and other three countries where we have associates. I hope to get your support in the future for more of such connections with other Affilica members.

Alok Goel - Goel Gupta Maheshwari & Assoc ( Delhi, India )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thanks for confirming Affilica membership brings such lucrative results.
Our first referral to an Affilica member in Hong Kong has been very successful. Our client was very pleased with the co-ordinated introduction and the quality of service by that Affilica member, and said it felt almost as if it was our office out there.

Graham Wiseman - Boller Wiseman ( Romsey, U.K. )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Glad to see Affilica membership has boosted your practice fee income.
Since joining Affilica International, our clients, professional colleagues, contacts, staff and friends have seen a positive uplift in our firm's image and standing, especially our website. We have been receiving congratulatory messages all this week.

S. Ojwu ACA ACFE ( Delta State, Nigeria )

Comment from Affilica CEO: This confirms contacts and existing clients feel like introducing their contacts as new clients.
At the "Great Hotels of the World" gala dinner (300 persons) at a large central London hotel, there were five persons at my table. The person sitting to my left was an Englishman who operates a diversified finance and tourism operation in Indonesia. He asked me what I do and I mentioned about Affilica and the E-Magazine that goes out to 18,000 professionals worldwide. He said he has been receiving Affilica E-Magazine for the last two years. And he said he has emailed me a year ago. What a small world; I was staggered and amazed.

Jaffer Manek - C.E.O. Affilica International ( U.K. )

We are an international tax adviser practice with a fiduciary services division. Affilica provides us with an excellent opportunity to get into direct contact with audit firms around the world who need expert international tax advice for their clients for reasonable fees and rapid work delivery.

Joseph Peters ( Netherlands )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Affilica is a platform for Affilica members to work alongside each other knowing that they are like-minded.
We have had several comments from our clients on becoming a member of Affilica. They were clearly interested in what Affilica as a group does when they saw the Affilica logo displayed in our office and on our business cards. We believe the prestige of our company has increased since we joined Affilica as now clients have a very strong reason to perceive us as being an international company in many aspects.

Magdalena Pieprzyk - Biuro Rachunkowe KOMEX, BRK Sp.z o.o. ( Wroclaw, Poland )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for your positive feedback and the upturn for you.
Our firm's partner Mr. Yu and I have held a meeting with the Affilica member Ms. Pathomporn of Bangkok, Thailand last Tuesday. We discussed the procedure and benefit of setting up a representative office in Hong Kong for her client. The meeting was a success and now she will present that to her client for their final decision.

Kay Lo (Audit Manager) - Yu & Lee CPAs ( Hong Kong, China )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Glad to see your membership of Affilica International has produced a positive outcome for your practice.
We find Affilica to be very important for our needs as it relates to the rendering of services to our clientele. Being able to access a network of professionals worldwide is advantageous for us and we will keep on being members.

Ricardo Cambra La Duke, Attorney at Law ( Panama )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for your positive appreciation.
We have received a number of good enquires, culminating recently in the conclusion of a business arrangement with a Chartered Accountancy firm. This resulted in the transfer of the management of a significant number of offshore registered companies to ourselves. The management fees that we will generate in the coming months and years are due, in no small part, to our membership of Affilica International. Many Thanks for all your efforts and please keep the leads coming!

Richard Smith ( London, U.K. )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for confirming your progress. You have recovered your membership cost.
Thank you for the recent referral and I shall see him to provide the assistance required. Also thank you for featuring my firm in Affilica Update e-Magazine.

Stephen Garside - Garside & Co ( London, UK )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Good to see this is useful to your practice.
After we joined Affilica, we have got three clients in Pharmaceuticals and one in sea transportation. At the beginning of this January we got a deal to audit a local bank. A good friend who practices as a lawyer could become a new member; I have got his approval to send you his email address.

Galumbang C. Sitinjak ( Jakarta, Indonesia )

We have found the international connections provided by Affilica to be useful, in that we have both received and referred work to other professional firms in other countries.

Kevin Beare FCA ( Bracknell, U.K. )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Nice to see it happens for you.
The benefit of Affilica is partly the referral of new clients, and also to build trust into your practice. This is relevant for retaining your existing clients, in particular when they go international, but could also be attractive for your colleagues´ clients if you are internationally affiliated when they are not. In addition, Affilica is very helpful in checking your marketing material, and holds conferences in interesting international places that helps to keep the mind open for the broad international aspects of business. All in all, I have improved my marketing skills during membership with Affilica so that I am more confident to get my clients whereever it makes sense for me rather than waiting for referrals.

Hans-Peter Arnold ( Erkrath, Germany )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for your frank endorsement.
The confidence level of our clients, banks and government organisations has increased since we joined Affilica International. One of our clients wanted to form a company in UK and wished to have a valid work permit; our affiliate a U.K. Affilica member served our client successfully and their fee was moderate.

Jitendra Chartered Accountants ( Dubai, U.A.E )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Glad to see Affilica provides the way forward for a better prosperity.
Since joining Affilica, I have assisted 3 firms with their operations in addition to which my current main client (China based). It is undoubted that unless I had the support of Affilica, the concept of being affiliated to a genuine international network, my credibility would not have been as strong. In terms of having your investment repaid, the cost of membership is negligible by any measure, simply taking on one referral through the organisation should be more than sufficient to return your investment.

Farrukh I Younus ( Reading, UK )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for your honest opinion of your experience.
We are to about to sign new contracts with our new Japanese client. I hope this assignment will generate new income for our practice. Consequently it should be said "The Affilica name created that opportunity for us with the combination of our expertise" and I believe it will be worth more.

Atilla Batili - Batili CPAs ( Istanbul, Turkey )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Glad to see Affilica has opened valuable doors for your practice growth.
Our firm has been a member of Affilica for more than three years. About two years ago, a UK firm of accountants contacted us to do tax and audit work for their clients who are companies registered in Singapore. We are now handling work for over 70 clients from this UK firm of accountants.

Robert Wong ( Singapore )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Glad to see you got so many new clients from your Affilica membership.
Last Friday I joined Affilica and today Monday I have set up a meeting with an Audit Practitioner. I have also been approached by an Insolvency Practitioner whom I will be meeting very soon. Thank you Affilica for your help in initiating this networking.

Andrew Crawford ( Northants, UK )

Comment from Affilica CEO: Thank you for letting us know about these positive developments for you.


Accountants and lawyers are in a position to refer their clients’ out-of-country professional work requirements to you. However, ultimately it is the client who decides whether to engage your practice.
Clients with sizeable business have an instinct about putting their future in the hands of a stand-alone practice, especially if located far away. They feel comforted when they see your practice has group answerability as a member of Affilica International. Apply for Affilica membership to overcome their reluctance to engage your practice.

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Affilica International is an alliance of independent firms of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other. "Affilica Update" circulation is 24,000 practise CPAs and lawyers in 100+ countries.