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Written by Jaffer Manek
Sunday, 16 January 2011 00:42
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My UK client has cash SIPP of around GBP £350,000.00 as higher rate tax payers. They are keen to invest in commercial SIPP and want me as his accountant to manage the commercial property in the UK.
As a non-Russian living outside Russia, I want to invest in Russian companies listed on the Moscow stock exchange. What is the procedure? Do I need to establish a Russian company or is there another way? If a Russian company is required, please provide me with the steps for formation, directorship, operational details and the costs involved. Please also tell me the restrictions of Moscow stock exchange.
An overseas investor wants to acquire a Spanish consulting company, trying to settle the corporate acquisition vehicle in the jurisdiction of Malta as Malta has signed a Tax Treaty with Spain in 2006. Enquirer is looking for an introduction to a well reputed legal and/or tax firm in Malta.
I have a client looking for an accountant contact in Estonia.
I am an expatriate in Japan considering in investing in a holiday property development in Bali, Indonesia. The developer is offering partial interest in the property through shares in a BVI holding entity which co-owns the Indonesian foreign-investment company (PMA) which in turn has local title to the real estate. Where and how would it be possible for me to obtain a loan to part-finance the acquisition?
Our UK company client is to employ an Italian person as an engineer to carry out work for a USA corporation. Monthly payroll tax work is required in Italy. Would you make a formal introduction to a suitable professional practice in Italy?
A client wishes to invest money in property in Australia via a company to pay local corporate taxes. Can a non-resident be 100% shareholder in a local company? What are the tax implications?
We are a London accountancy practice. We look after the UK tax of I.T. experts working in various countries. We currently seek an introduction to an accountancy practice in Fribourg, Switzerland.
UK Co brings in business. India Co does most of the development. India Co invoices UK Co regularly. These two companies are separate, not merged. Shareholders of UK Co and shareholders of India Co want to set up a merger. Want another expert opinion. Then we will need professional assistance to create a tax-efficient structure that is sustainable.
Many years ago my mother in UK made some small investments in a number of South African companies. When she died I inherited her small portfolio but did nothing with it. In UK, I have shares in SA companies some of which yield dividend in Rand and some in Sterling. Is it better to sell or donate them or buy more of same shares? Since the SA economy is growing fast, I am tempted to build up my portfolio but need to take professional advice.
A client purchasing real estate in Spain needs a tax expert for advice on Corporation Tax and Capital Gains Tax implications, ideally someone based near Santander.
Our firm in Hong Kong provides corporate services to clients in the Asia Pacific region. I found you from the Internet. Please introduce a group firm for incorporation of companies in Bahrain and Qatar.
Our firm in Edmonton, Canada, acts on behalf of a mid-sized corporate client who has an opportunity to expand into Australia. Before doing so, they require specific banking law advice. Need an introduction to an Australian lawyer.
Our client is looking to set up a limited company in Germany in addition to the one we have already set up in England. We would then arrange for the two companies to be a group. We are looking for a German firm of accountants to assist us. Looking for an introduction.
We would like our partner to meet with you on his visit to Dubai between February 24 - 28 to explore the possibility of our firms working alongside each other. Preferred meeting time 8-10 am or after 6 pm.
Subcontractor required by a London general accountancy practice to prepare draft financial statements from "incomplete records". Must be able to visit the enquirer in London.
We have a USA client wanting to set up an office in Spain, employing one person in Spain. Can you introduce us to a capable firm in Spain interested in this work?
A London accountant's client company based in South Africa wishes to supply European countries with a special soft drink. To legally minimise their tax, they are thinking of using Dubai duty-free-port as their base and warehouse for their bottles supplied into Europe. They have a worry about the regional political stability and security. They seek professional advice about the location.
A director travels from Germany to the UK regularly to bid for contracts and organise and manage contracts which have been started. Is it necessary for a company to have a permanent establishment in the UK to avoid being taxed in Germany under the double tax treaty as a branch? Is the place where the director performs her duties relevant? Should I put my client in touch directly with you regarding planning opportunities as she will be able to tell you about her present situation in Germany?
I have an associate in the UK who is looking for a lawyer/accountant in Barcelona to help with a Spanish subsidiary of a UK company.
Our new client has a subsidiary in Mali, West Africa. We need a registered auditor to issue IFRS audit opinion to the consolidated accounts. Will appreciate an introduction to a UK audit firm in a group.
My daughters have inherited a house in Ireland which was sold by a lawyer and agent in Ireland on their behalf. The funds will be transferred to their account in Canada in order to buy me a home in Canada. Will they have to pay inheritance tax as well as property tax?
I am a professional accountant/auditor in Malaysia looking for contact in Indonesia to carry on audit and incorporation of companies.
I have a client who is resident in Germany but UK born and Domiciled as far as I can be certain. She is married to a Polish person. She has formed a UK registered company to renovate stud farms and is starting to get work in the UK and also in the Republic of Ireland. She holds 100% of the share capital. Seeking tax planning opportunities for tax efficiency.
I am about to purchase a sailing yacht outside the EU to use as a prime residence in the UK. Where in the EU should I register the yacht to minimise VAT and other taxes?
A person based in UK but not-domiciled in UK wants to invest GBP £5 million in India via a Mauritius company. Can you advise on the best way forward?
I am the founding director of a small medium size Business Process Outsourcing company in Karachi, Pakistan with 30+ employees. We are highly skilled in information technology specialising in software development, media design, data mining and call center. I am looking for investors to put money in this company for further expansion required for some foreign and local government of pakistan projects in the business development pipeline.
A prospective new client who runs auction wants to be audited. He wants us to audit every auction event they hold. He asked me to quote a fee. I have never done such an audit. According to him, it is common in other countries. I need consultancy.
A CEO in a EU FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company wants to enter the consumer market of (country in East Africa) and wants to take a local company there. What are the possibilities and implications?
Our client, a themed hotel in South Africa, wants to add an Indian "aryu-vedic" therapy unit in collaboration with one operating in India. The hotel has thatched-roof African architecture with a luxurious western-style interior. The grounds include a small safari park with a variety of wild animals including lions and cheetah. The clientele is international. Need professional assistance to settle this in tax efficiently.
I intend to establish a business in UK. I will be in UK on (date) for a short stay. I have seen co registration info on-line. My preferred co name is (name), nature of business: Telecommunications, Director: (name). Please quote registration procedure, fees and details required.
I have an enquiry from (name) from Greece about setting up and running a Dubai company. Can you assist?

A UK company client wishes to employ an Italian person as an engineer to do work for a USA Corporation. We need to do payroll taxes in Italy for this person to be employed and process his payroll on a monthly basis. You mention that you know someone suitable in Italy who can do this. I would appreciate if you can make a formal introduction.
I have an international tender for audit services in Zimbabwe. The Embassy intends to enter into contract with no more than three auditing companies to assist the Embassy in the following areas: To give the Embassy of Sweden in Zimbabwe the possibility to undertake different types of auditing and review services, To assist the Embassy and counterpart institutions and other.
Our Ukraine client company is looking to have cinema rights held offshore, and then to charge royalties. There is a 10% withholding tax. I am looking for an effective and economic way to use double tax treaty and legally shelter offshore.
Our client in UK is creating an agency agreement to appoint a company in India to act as their sales agent. A draft agency agreement has been received from India. We want a lawyer in a group to review it and recommend improvements for India law. My client needs a legal representative in India to deal with sales contracts arising from the agent's activities.
My client, an overseas development consultant, works mainly in Ethiopia and Afghanistan, and trades through a UK registered company. He is planning to relocate with his family to Sri Lanka in about a month's time and will be resident there. I'm trying to find out enough about the Sri Lankan tax regime to decide whether to continue using his UK company or not and what other factors need to be considered re his personal tax affairs. He is also planning to invest in property in the UK and possibly start up another business in Ethiopia. It will probably be most helpful if he can find an accountant to advise him when he gets to Sri Lanka. (Enquiry from UK)
Our client is a director of an Irish company. He is an I.T. Contractor and is moving to France in September. He wishes to invoice from his Irish company. What are the payroll tax implications in Ireland and France i.e. PAYE/PRSI etc. (Enquirer from Dublin)
Our client who intends to make an investment (build a factory) in Vietnam. We would like to find a professional practice in Vietnam to co-operate with. - Guangzhou, China
UK Recruitment Agency provides services and highly specialised engineers and technicians to telecommunications and IT markets worldwide. We have offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and India. We have a Russian contractor providing services in Russia, initially on a 3-month contract, and need to find a professional with one of the following options: a) take him as an employee and run him through a local payroll and pay tax direct to the local authorities; b) help him register as self-employed and manage the monthly obligations regarding payment of taxes.
A practice wants to refer professional work to an accountancy practice located in Shanghai and another one in Suzhou, China. However they do not want to refer it to just anyone, understandably for the fear of anything going wrong. Can you introduce us to an Affilica member practice in either of these two locations? They can have a new client straight away.
I operate a Tourism & Events Management Co in South Africa. I am currently in Cardiff, Wales to start an off-shoot of my S.A. business. I need to form a UK subsidiary and strategise the overall group structure. In S.A, we promote Small, Medium & Micro Enterprises (SMME's) and so I am looking for smaller Tour Operators/Events Management Cos in Europe to affiliate my SA co with. I seek a professional to advise and introduce us to potential business affiliates in other countries.
My client wants to incorporate a company in Singapore with a local resident director, accounting, auditing, annual filing. The entity will be dormant. The main purpose is to hold shares in an overseas company. Can you refer someone who can take care of this?
I am UK resident and would like to go into business with a native Bulgarian who lives in the UK. We would like to import from Bulgaria into the UK and are interested in setting up a Bulgarian company, Is there any benefit in doing this?
Our client would like to gift three quarters of her house to her daughter. Looking for an experienced professional with group answerability.
I am setting up a branch or subsidiary of our license company to benefit from the double tax treaties of Cyprus. I would like to know tax and legal requirements. I will need a domiciliary address and a local director and possibly a local administration.
A Rep South Africa client wishes to invest in property in Brussels, using RSA capital and offshore capital. Is a Luxembourg based trust advisable to hold the ownership in the real estate and if so what are the consequences and costs?
UK based Ltd Co, husband is an I.T. consultant/director, wife is company secretary. Husband starts a 6 month contract in Brussels, via Belgium agent. May renew another 6 months to exceed 183 day non-residence in UK. He will continue to pay UK tax & NI. The accounts & bookkeeping will be in UK by me & our UK accountant. Our UK business address, phone/fax numbers continue in UK. Seek a Belgium tax accountant to: a) confirm the Belgium authorities cannot deem our coy to have relocated to Belgium for tax purposes. b) legitimately structure our affairs to keep Belgium taxes minimum. c) if the UK 183 day rule is breached, handle the Belgium tax matters.
I am a working author and consultant to museums and science centres based in the UK. I am moving to the USA in 6 weeks. I have several book contracts pending, which will pay into a UK bank account in sterling. I would like to register as an LLC or sole trader. Since I will be living in the USA, I need advice on whether to keep my business account in the UK, or move it to the USA. Since the tax, transfer and exchange issues are becoming very confusing, I need professional advice from someone qualified in Anglo-Pacific accounting.
My client, a holding company with several European subsidiary companies, specialises in Water Treatment. The UK company is owned 50% by a British person and 50% by a Norwegian person. The Norwegian person has a separate Norwegian company, based in Oslo, with a turnover of approximately 30,000,000 NOK. The Norwegian person’s company consulting and tax is handled by a Big4 firm. The Norwegian person has received an unexpected substantial tax bill despite advice by KPMG. The Norwegian person is dissatisfied and wishes to change to an independent professional firm fluent in English. First talk on an informal basis, and then introduce them to my client.
I have an enquiry regarding audit of financial statements of the business located in San Francisco, California. It is a child care centers, with 20 employees and revenue $1 Million.

My client, a resident of (country), holds 50% shares in a family trading company and is a director of it. His father holds 50% shares and is also director. Due to differences between my client and his father, he left the company last month. He retains his shareholding though wants to exit from the company entirely but not without adequate compensation for his shares. My client needs expert advice from an accountant or company legal expert and he has asked me to recommend a suitable firm. Got someone with experience with such a case?
We have prepared financial statements for a Dubai-based company. They now need a statutory audit. Please quote your fees and procedure. - Enquiry from India
An India-based client has iron ore mines on long term lease in Mali, West Africa. They profitably export iron ore to China and other countries. Since Mali imports Iron and steel, this client has decided to setup a steel and power plant in Mali. That would generate 300,000 tons of finished product i.e. TMT Bars and its power plant would generate 70 megawatt electricity. Estimated cost: Indian Rupees. 15,000 Million (approx. $326 million). The requirement is a Public Issue/ Private Equity Participation/ Financial Joint Venture. The promoter will continue to hold approx. 25 to 30% ownership in the company.
Poland customer order placed with Czech supplier who contracts Germany manufacturer to make goods. Customer to collect goods direct from Germany factory. Need advice to cope with VAT triangulation. Enquirer is in UK.
I am a lawyer from Malta writing on behalf of a client interested in setting up an International Trading Company in UK. Kindly inform whether you can assist my client in this regard, and what would be the procedures and the costs involved.
UK accountancy firm (north London) has given up their audit practising certificate but continue with accounts/tax work. They seek a UK independent auditor who wishes to carry out just the audits on half a dozen of their clients, UK companies in real estate, garments, wholesale butchers, etc. The largest company's turnover of around GBP £7 million. Interested auditor can be located anywhere in UK but must be able to visit us in London.
I bought a bungalow from Mr X. Before the house was sold, he informed that the house was in good condition and location and was likely to be converted to commercial use. Six months after the purchase, I found out that the bungalow was infested with termites and all timber needed to be replaced. The ground where the bungalow was built was beginning to sink along with the house. The government also previously approved pig farmers to operate close to the bungalow. I want to sue Mr X for the loss of my money. What are my chances and also my legal position? (Enquiry from KL, Malaysia)
A professional based in UK, but not domiciled in UK for tax purposes, would like to set up a trust to hold and ring-fence his family assets, including his family home freehold house in London. The trust could be in UK or overseas. Seeks definitive advice to explain the advantages, procedures, costs and responsibilities.
A UK company administration organisation wants to outsource filing of company annual form, AGM, change of directors form, shareholding transfers, etc (company secretarial) of private companies (not listed on stock exchange). Wants this done for Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Portugal, Spain. Are you interested in working alongside this UK professional?
A potential new client has a Holding Company listed in Hong Kong with a manufacturing subsidiary in Singapore and a trading subsidiary in Indonesia. The Director says he is unhappy with their current auditors. He wants to switch auditors in all three locations. I would like introductions to audit firms in Singapore and Indonesia to handle this new client to mutual benefit.
We are looking for a small English speaking accounting firm in Paris.
A client has a company in Kuala Lumpur that needs an accountant to take care of tax filing. Can he contact you for you to assess about taking him on as a client?
I have a potential client that is a university located in London. Being a university institution, they are not subject to paying UK Corporation Tax and so they cannot offset such foreign tax deducted at source. They need to make a reclaim of withholding tax deducted from fees received from Spain, Brazil and India. The amount of deductions is in the region of GBP £50,000 for this year. This would be a recurring problem yearly for them. They need professionals who speak the appropriate languages and have the technical know-how.
I am a small accountancy practice in Manchester. My client carries out a large amount of work in France and is therefore required to be registered in France for TVA. I would be grateful if you could introduce me to a professional practice in France to register for TVA and complete TVA returns and provide ongoing advice.
My client, a UK registered company, provides consultancy and building services in stud farm restoration and refurbishment. It is asked to quote for a contract in Ireland. We need advice on Irish VAT issues. Can you tell me where to start? Please introduce me to someone who can provide professional advice on thresholds for registration, rates, etc.
A Singapore company formation agent seeks a lawyer or an accountant in Japan who can professionally advise if a sale of design/content that is meant to be used in telephone mobile network in Japan can be treated as a trading item outside Japan? Meet the definition of a royalty charges?
We are looking for a professional firm in Poland for our Spanish client in digital marketing planning to set up a subsidiary in Poland with the following shareholding - 70 per cent spanish company, 20% local partner and 10 % for key employees.
A South African client wants to develop a product with a Mauritius partner and wants to know if he can hold shares in a Mauritius registered company and further advice thereon, patents, etc.
Our company manufactures and distributes (product). Our web site is We have offices in California and LLC in Bangalore, India. We are setting up a “Rep” office in Barcelona, Spain. This office will have just one person, probably working out of his/her home to start with to sell our products in the EMEA market. Invoicing and collections will be in USA. We are looking for a suitable professional practice. Coincidentally, our potential representative will be in Barcelona on May 19 and 20, and if you had time, could also meet with you? I should mention that he does not speak Spanish.
I want to form a company in Singapore's free zone. I will be flying to Singapore on (date). Any relevant information regarding procedures and legislation would be appreciated.
A UK holding company has investment shares in trading subsidiaries in the S E Asia. UK consolidated financial statements are prepared. The subsidiaries are audited by local auditors in S E Asia. The UK auditor seeks assistance from a UK registered auditor experienced in auditing UK consolidated accounts to carry out audit of UK holding company.
My client wishes to incorporate an offshore company in Delaware, USA, to promote e-shopping services through Internet. Their target clients are worldwide. What is the tax implication in USA? What is the procedure? We would like an introduction to someone to do this work.
A client is setting up a branch in Breda, southern Holland. He will be trading and employing people in Holland and so needs a Dutch accountant to deal with the Dutch authorities for him. Could recommend a small Dutch firm through your Affilica network?
I act for a UK company that is buying a yacht from an Isle of Man company. The yacht will be commercially chartered from France. Crew will be provided. I need to VAT register the yacht chartering business in France, to reclaim the VAT on the purchase. After that, VAT returns will be prepared in the UK. I therefore need help in preparing the VAT registration, and the first VAT return. The French Accountant should be bilingual. - London accountancy practice
I am a legal consultant with clients in Greece, Cyprus and Malta. I would be interested in proceeding with a referral to you for the overseas investor who wants to acquire a Spanish consulting company, trying to settle the corporate acquisition vehicle in the jurisdiction of Malta as Malta has signed a Tax Treaty with Spain in 2006.
We are based in Togo, Import- Export and Distribution 15 years. I need to register a company in UAE, for the purpose of our group documentation and payments. Kindly advice options and cost.
We are assisting clients in restructuring their organization. We are seeking firms that can co-operate with us in setting up companies in tax haven countries. We are pleased if we could be informed the fee for such establishment. - Law firm, Indonesia
I seek a London lawyer to handle a lease extension for a Mayfair flat. The freeholder is Grosvenor.
My USA-resident client, owns an Irish ltd co, is ready to open an offshore business bank account possibly in Channel Islands or Europe. I would appreciate if someone could advise on a suitable bank, contact name & location.
Offer of sale: Alternative Reinsurance Co. Ltd, a Nevis reinsurance and insurance company, incorporated 2004. All government taxes paid up to 2008. Current Price US $7,500. Ownership transfer can be completed quickly.
We want to set up an investment company in Mauritius for our investment business in Asia Pacific region. Please introduce us to someone appropriate to advise us about the local laws in this regard.
British marketing/IT company is setting up a business branch in France. 4 employees in France to start and later to increase. Payroll calculation work to do now and later to do accounting work. Looking for an experienced expert comptable in France. Also setting up in Germany and looking for German WP to carry out payroll work.
Need advice on procedure and cost of HK company formation, annual costs and filing responsibilities. The company name we want is "NAME-A" or "NAME-B". Please also advise the costs of providing a Hong Kong office for an existing British Virgin Islands company. - Enquiry: New Zealand
Coffee trader corporate in Singapore wants to form a new UK subsidiary. Looking for an introduction to a capable accountancy practice, quote of costs, how long it takes and what documents required. Also a quote for annual accounts, agree annual UK corporation tax and file annual company documents at UK registry.
Our client seeks a real estate lawyer to act as local counsel in a land transaction in the Grand Bahamas, West Indies.
We are a Canadian CA practice. Our in client in Canada has a father in law in his 90s in S W England. Our client needs to ensure the UK Inheritance Tax matters are properly planned and put in place. Can you look after the assignment and if so what are the IHT exemption limits?
Our client wants to do property development in Bulgaria. Do you know any accountants there who can advise and work alongside me?
Our practice in Singapore requires assistance in USA personal tax for our client. Please provide a suitable introduction.
We advise and support highly skilled consultants working on a freelance basis throughout Europe. Following recent changes in Swiss and EU law, we are interested to provide freelance consultants from EU to clients in Switzerland. We seek professional advice to set up a legal structure, preferably from a UK based company, to assign senior consultants to Switzerland, while complying with Swiss labour law, tax and social security rules.
UK business to import mobile phones from China into Europe. Seeks a lawyer specialising in international trade, to design the contracts to lock in a China manufacturer. Ideally lawyer with offices in China and UK (London).
I am looking for a Honduras Law firm that can handle a US citizen's residence visa and work permit to work for up to 3 years for the Honduras office of a multinational.
Our client wants to set up company in Singapore. Does Affilica have a member there to take this referral? We want someone answerable to your group.
A UK accountancy practice has an enquiry for his client who wants to set up a new business operation in Holland. Money transfer, people sending money to relatives and friends in other countries. To incorporate a new private limited company. Need to register for money transfer license with ministry of finance. One director is from UK, another director from Holland. Need tax planning to minimise tax liability legitimately.
We now have a client who needs the service of an accountant in Hong Kong. Can you help us with an introduction?
Can you provide audit services to one of our listed client who recently set up a Joint Venture company with a local partner in China? They are in the insurance software business in our country and are expanding actively in the ASEAN region. Please provide us with more details on your firm and your experience in the insurance and IT sector to assist me in the referral.
We need to file a few corporate tax returns for a subsidiary based in the Netherlands. The holding company is incorporated in Canada. The subsidiary is incorporated in the Netherlands and traded in the Netherlands. The principal activity is film industry (movies). No taxable income. Already late for filing the tax returns. We seek a professional to prepare & file these late tax returns." Enquiry: Quebec, Canada
Our capital city government is now building the Jakarta mono-rail. The funding is from Dubai Islamic bank. We would like to work alongside a Dubai practice to audit the consortium.
I am looking to receive outsourcing of bookkeeping to me in Romania. I am an ACCA qualified accountant.
The Situation/Question is: I would be interested in Affilica's October London meeting as it might prove to me the benefits of membership. I am also interested in the West African situation as we already have clients in mining operations (as international counsel) in Ghana, Uganda and Sierra Leone.
An experienced UK litigation lawyer is required to defend accountants accused by a disgruntled departing client. Includes suing for fees unpaid and breach of contract.
A higher rate UK taxpayer is to receive GBP £390,000 from his employer. What would be the best tax planning for him? He is happy to invest into a commercial property SIPP or an alternative.
A British person with minority interest in a Turkish company runs a car hire company, an apartment complex and carries out construction projects. This company is building 5 villas with swimming pools on adjoining land. The project is 75% complete but needs to raise further finances to complete. All building work has to be completed within two months since building restrictions come into force since the location is being declared conservation area.
We have a very interesting international start up client which will be setting up manufacturing facilities in India and Algeria but needs an internationally able tax accountancy practice to oversee its fiscal operations.

Suggestions please.

My clients are UK food consultants specialising in poultry. They will be offering consultancy services but also acting as people sourcing for EU customers. They are considering establishing an office in Bangkok. Their UK trade is via Ltd Co, but we are looking for advice on structure in Thailand. Enquiry: UK
We are looking for a fast-acting conveyance lawyer in London with standard prices for our real estate buying in London of two adjoining apartments on ground floor for GBP £2m. Mortgage loan on both these and another on floor above i.e. 3 apartments. Loan from overseas bank in Singapore, owner in Asia, holding company in the Caribbean. Lawyer must be in a group and have experience of such work.
Do you have a member in Tanzania, preferably Dar es Salaam? Can you introduce me to assure me that they are established and of a good reputation?
We seek an accountant in Ireland who can provide payroll service for 20 staff.
Our client in Indian Ocean location has just been served a claim by a British firm in UK Royal Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division. Our Client is disputing the claim and is submitting a counter claim. They wish to appoint a suitable litigation lawyer who deals with such commercial matters. We would like introduction to a suitable law firm.
I am British, working in Czech Republic as a currency trader for a large European bank. I am paid offshore in Euro. I am not resident in the UK. I am looking for legal ways to minimise my tax bills. There is no withholding tax in Czech Republic. I seek an appropriate professional to assist me with this.
A British practice has a client from Germany who has investments outside Europe. The client is looking for an efficient offshore structure to manage the investment holding and operation. Wants advice from a capable practice.
I have a UK Company and wish to pay 4 x German employees who are based in Germany, near Freiburg and are all German residents, working solely in Germany. I wish to pay them directly from my UK Company's payroll but I am looking for an administrator, close to Freiburg or Emmendingen, who will take care of each employees German Social security contributions and local tax issues. Do you offer such a service and how much would this cost?
A small business in UK was raided by VAT officers. The issue is whether that business should have registered for VAT if it exceeded the VAT turnover limit. Their accountant is looking for a VAT expert to handle the defence work.
How do I open an offshore branch office in Qatar for expanding our business operations?
We are a French pharmacist retailer and distributor based in Paris. For our branch in Madagascar, we want to get an agency for a branded product made by a UK manufacturer. We need assistance to start negotiations, get it signed and service it on an ongoing basis.
One of my clients is looking to setup a VC Fund / PE fund in Hong Kong. Looking for a capable attorney / competent firm who is experienced in handling Fund set up in Hong Kong. - Enquirer from Mumbai, India
I need an experienced professional to advise on setting up business in Bulgaria: Company formation, directors residence in Bulgaria, Company tax rates, withholding tax on dividends, any other pertinent matters.
We are an Indian conglomerate engaged in Construction and Import/Export. We wish to expand to open an offshore import/export company in a Free Port / Free Trade Zone.
Our client in UK is making an agency agreement to appoint a company in India to act as their sales agent. An Agency agreement has been received from India. Would you review it and recommend improvements for India law? My client needs a legal representative in India to deal with sales contracts arising from the Agent's activities.
Our client in Hong Kong seeks UK auditors experienced in auditing a company listed in AIM board in the UK. The year-end date of the company is 31 December. The company's operations are located in the Mainland China and Hong Kong.
I seek an introduction to a professional adviser where to invest term bank deposits to maximise on investment income. Enquirer from Kuwait.
A company that is friendly with us (we have not provided services to them) has an investments in Russia, and is looking to appoint an "internal control manager". We do not have enough knowledge about their company located in Moscow. Turkish language is a choice of preference. To get them as a new client, we hope to be of assistance alongside an Affilica member in that country. This is one of the well-known tactical ways of improvement of our business potential.
Our client from Mauritius is setting up a new European venture in the seafood industry. We need to decide where to base it in Europe. The main market for the initial years shall be France and Italy. We seek proposals about a tax efficient structure for this new business venture.
We are participating in trade shows in Europe and Russia. We are looking for agent or representatives partner who can represent Indian food and other products to buyers and sellers in the local markets. We can also plan to open our Representative office/ liaison office/ consultancy firm in European union and Russia if its feasible.
I have money invested offshore in Guernsey. I also have a life insurance policy there. If i were to pass away and my domicile country is Canada, what does my family have to pay in terms of money as tax on these two investments? Enquiry: Ontario, Canada
I am assisting (name) in arranging for publication of his book on modern Zanzibari cuisine. He is negotiating its publication with a publishing house in London, (name & address). Authors finance the cost of the publication and later recover the amount and more if the book sells. Considering the substantial amount of the advance payments, his concern is that this publishing house remains in business and does not file bankruptcy. Need assistance to carry out due diligence about financial standing and reputation - Lawyer, Finland
Seeking professional advice on how a private individual can efficiently invest in Kenyan and other African stock markets affordably, a dollar cost average approach, that is.
A UK-based business has a Cyprus company with 4 UK companies. Each of UK companies has a different activity. Sales are made by credit card via one UK company. Software made in Ireland, CDs printed in Ireland, packaged in UK and sold in North America. Want to start selling in Europe. They want a Cyprus VAT registration number to present to Irish supplier so that no Vat is charged on supplies. Need strategic advice and work carried out.
We have a client in China who plans to acquire shares from a shareholder of a company in Bangkok, Thailand. We are looking for a professional firm in Bangkok experienced in corporate acquisition in Thailand.
We have Clients who are interested to have a Financial licensed company in Hong Kong. Clients are Russian citizens with wide experience in the banking sphere (for ten years they are the bank owners). Kindly advise of financial companies for sale? We want to buy / register a company with MSO license (CCE) Do you provide such services?
Here are bye-laws of a society I presented to the authorities here in India for formal registration. I am hoping the documents will be accepted by them with little or no changes. I seek professional assistance since the legal framework in India is reportedly not supportive of Islamic Finance.
Our client in Hong Kong, who exports shoes to Europe, approached us to set up a representative office in Germany. Their office would only seek new customers in Germany. The manufacturing factory is in China mainland. Do they need to pay tax if the representative office is only a sales and marketing office? The client would recruit staff in Germany and needs to set up employment agreements and payroll tax handling.
I have enquiries for formation of Ltd companies in Cyprus, required for property investments by UK residents. Can you please introduce me to a professional about procedures and costs?
We seek suitable Mauritius-based firms to obtain some information on the relocation of Mauritius registered companies to the Isle of Man.
An enquiry from an ex-large audit practice accountant who is interested in buying a share of or all of a thriving practice in or near London.
My client is a Company in Hong Kong who have an affiliated company in India, a freight forwarder. In some shipments, it has arranged the freight to be collected by the India Limited Company. However, the Indian Company says it cannot make payment unless the RBI was applied as they are considered to be companies in the same group. Need professional advice on Indian Foreign exchange rules.
An audit firm would like to refer us preparation of consolidated accounts (group financial statements) for a construction company. The activities of the subsidiaries of the Company spreads over Russian Republics and new republics in Asia and Ukraine. The parent company is in Istanbul and investment in associate companies in Ukraine and Russia. To consolidate under IFRS, we need audited financial statements of subsidiaries. So, we want to work alongside a professional practice in Moscow, Kiev and another in Ukraine. Await introductions to capable professionals.
Our client, a UK management services agency is suffering Indonesian withholding tax on their fee payments. They need to legally minimise such withholding tax. We seek an Indonesian professional with English communications skills to explain how the Indonesian withholding tax system functions and how to adjust existing business arrangements to become more tax efficient. Seek an introduction to a reputable professional firm in your group to deliver a workable solution.
A UK accountancy practice has been approached by a UK business Ltd company. They organised a conference in Portugal for a UK association of accountants who are not registered for VAT. The conference has already taken place. The Portuguese tax has been paid into the bank account of the intermediary. The invoice was for in five figures plus VAT. Can you introduce us to a reputable accountancy practice in Portugal assist in refund of the VAT?
Does anyone in Affilica have a contact in Pakistan who might be able to assist us in running a payroll solution for Expats and Pakistani residents? Enquiry: Channel Is.
We are distributors of CNC Machinery to Europe, Middle East & Africa. We install machinery and train the customer. I want to import a machine from Canada into UK and sell it in the UK. I need advice about legally minimising UK import tax and VAT on my sale in UK.
A central London firm of accountants seeks a registered auditor to audit their IFA arm, a UK company that cannot file minimal disclosure accounts. They prepared the accounts and Corporate Tax Returns but need an independent auditor who can carry out the audit work to comply with UK regulations.
We have a client in UK who wants to buy residential real estate in the south of Spain. They need professional assistance including tax planning and legal work. We seek a reputable professional in Spain who is fluent in English and can assist our client via our firm, of course on a fee basis.
One of my clients based in the Netherlands wants to establish a company in Belgium. The principal activity is to distribute (product). Would you be interested in communicating with him?
I need an introduction to an accountancy firm (in an international group) located in or around Toronto, Canada to carry out professional work for our client in the UK.
Co manages call centre contracts providing IT configuration services to large telecoms such as BT. Is it better to apply the R&D and let the company claim the enhanced capital allowances? Let the shareholder buy the shares and claim any relief on his investment via EIS and pay for the shares? Is it better to sell the IP to the company for shares? Newco in UK sets up with 4 shareholder directors with 3000 shares of £1 each, issued 250 initially for the sole director at inception and the rest for cash in Dec 2003. A new shareholder pays £6000 for new 3000 shares at premium of £3000. EIS eligible. A new key executive joins in May 2004, not director or shareholder. To attract/retain key executives, co to allocate 10% share options. Wish to minimise CGT.
We have been asked to recommend a firm in Japan to help another of our USA clients set up an office there. Can you introduce a Japanese firm who wants a new client like this?
I am a proprietor of an audit firm in Malaysia. I am looking for names and contact numbers of a small/medium size audit firm in Taiwan for professional services to be rendered to a company in Taiwan which is associated to my client.
We are a US co. purchasing product in Thailand and reselling that in Thailand. We need a tax expert to consult on VAT issues.
A person from the Mediterranean region needs a tax specialist to advise and settle a tax matter in Washington DC, USA.
We are a UK Ltd Co with our call/admin centre in Thailand. Is there a UK Registered Chartered Accountant here in Thailand available to audit our UK books of accounts? Our UK y/e is 31st March and we would like the audit completed by 30 April. All accounts done here on Quickbooks.
I mention that I have a client who will do business with a company in Singapore, the company in Mexico that is dedicated to editing textbooks for English language study.
The company that hires us is in Singapore that does not require invoices, however the influx of money to Mexico should be verified in some way, so knowing that we have a partner in Singapore, I ask you to contact me for me indicate whether we can consider my client as an employee retention tax and make it in Singapore or identify other options according to the tax laws of your country is adequate.
I attached the contract for consultation.
We saw your advert in the Gulf News website that you assist entrepreneurs. We are Canadians interested in emigrating to Sharjah, UAE to open a business backed by a Canadian joint-venture. We are interested in (a) pharmaceutical to manufacture capsule and tablets and (b) fishing project. Need a feasibility study.
A couple with funds in India want to invest in UK. A couple have just been to see me. They have substantial funds in an Indian bank that they wish to transfer to UK. The bank requires some forms to be completed by a chartered accountant. It refers to specialist TDS, PAN and TAN. Can you recommend? They will travel; I can carry out identity checks here if you need me to.
We have a Gibraltar Foundation that will require auditing. Do any of the members of Affilica have this capability?
My practice is auditor of a Trinidad & Tobago subsidiary of a USA multi-national. The subsidiary has established a branch in Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, to provide contract services to the oil and gas sector. The branch has completed its first year's trading and needs to do tax filing. Our client seeks the right professional.
My clients operate a private school in Romania. They wish to set up a company in Holland to invoice the Romanian co for providing foreign personnel. The sole shareholder of this company will be a Cyprus holding company. Need advice about cost of incorporation, nominee directors, registered office, company secretary, accounts, bank account, etc.
Our Clients wants to open an office in Dubai Media City, UAE. We would like to know the tax laws applicable in Media City, UAE and any withholding tax provisions for contracts entered from Dubai with a party in a country with whom UAE has a Double Taxation Treaty.
An Italian client of ours in Hong Kong is considering forming a company in London, UK. He is in the music entertaining business. We seek a professional willing to communicate with him direct for initial enquiries.
As a UK citizen, I worked as PFA in Romania for an American Company's branch office in Bucharest, in 2010 to 2011. I moved to work in Philippines. My Bulgaria tax balance is outstanding. Looking for an experienced tax professional to settle the tax bill.
UK accountancy practice seeks Australian professional practice. Client requires new Australian co incorporated as a 100% subsidiary of a UK co. Principal business activity is to provide general assistance for emigration into Australia. Also operate payroll, set up efficient administrative systems, bookkeeping, deal with tax, annual accounts, annual company filing, arrange local legal advice when required, business consultancy. Know-Your-Client matters and due diligence provided.
Our client is about to go into liquidation. It is a Ltd Co in optical lenses business, with half a dozen creditors and 2 dozen debtors. Seeking an insolvency practitioner in a group. - London accountancy practice
We need a professional to assist us to file tax returns for our client, a Canadian resident, who owns rental property in London, UK. They need to reclaim taxes withheld by their UK estate agent.
A prospective client in Hong Kong intends to set up a company in Switzerland. Seek an introduction to a professional in a group to advise on the requirements, procedures and costs.
A client (UK residence permit on Turkish passport) wants to operate in service business with colleague (China residence permit on Turkish passport) in China to provide services for Olympic Games with their 4 business partners. The want to establish joint venture via own company in China, perhaps a subsidiary of a Hong Kong company. To decide on a suitable structure, they need clarification on the best corporate vehicle, legal tax efficient structure, minimum share capital, comply with laws for service providers for olympic games.
Call Centre business in UK makes £200,000 profit. Need an introduction to a tax accountant who can do tax planning and assist with growth.
A client based in U.K. with two companies in Poland (Warsaw) needs an accountant in Poland to do the day to day bookkeeping, tax returns and accounts. Good English language skills and a fixed fee for everything are essential.
I put several designs together and they are registered at the Benelux Merken Bureau in The Hague. Someone has copied my designs after having signed a non-disclosure agreement; they are now being sold worldwide. Thanks to a friend, I found this out; had she not sent me a web-link I would have never found out. I seek professional assistance for compensation. - Enquiry from Holland
We are a US-based sole proprietor company and would like to open a subsidiary in Dubai for our business. We would prefer to be located in a free trade zone. What options do we have? the costs? the time involved? procedure to employ staff and move some of our employees from a different country to this new Dubai subsidiary?
Our Client wishes to incorporate a company in USA for the purpose of owning a brand. There will be little other activity. Can you let us have the procedure and requirement of registering a company, the all-in registration cost and what other on-going annual compliance costs information? - From S E Asia
Irish Co runs dance shows in USA under theatre contracts. 30% withholding tax on invoices. Want to use exemption for royalties under the Irish US double taxagreement. avoid using a US company due to costs. Looking for a solution.
My client based in Canada is interested in having a geopolitical and risk analysis in starting a car assembling unit in (East African country) and also merging and taking over a company in the industry.
A UK accountancy practice has a client in India who wants to invest in UK business to supply essential oils and food flavouring essence. A new UK company has been started. A manager is being sent from India to run the UK operation. Need specialist advice for: (a) not falling foul of "transfer pricing" rules (b) UK business profits subject to British tax and business profits arising in India subject to Indian tax (c) employment tax on manager's salary paid partly in India and partly in UK. Need introduction to a firm in a group.
A London accountant, specialising in assisting directors of companies facing insolvency, gets new clients from time to time who need accounts and tax work carried out. He wants to divest the accounts/tax work while keeping the related consultancy work. He seeks a fee sharing arrangement.
Do you have a Vietnamese professional I can consult with? Our client is going there for an assignment.

I have a client who needs some services in Indonesia. Would it be possible for me to contact your new member in Indonesia whether they can provide the service? - Hong Kong
Can you introduce us to a suitable professional firm of Accountants in Poland? Our UK client has a couple of Polish subsidiaries and I have a tax query I need to resolve.
My husband and I have lived in America for 1.5 years, where we moved for my husband's job. For this tax year our sole UK income was from a property we rent out. Our US tax return requires us to declare this income and be taxed on it, which will effectively mean we are being taxed twice. Need advice to claim foreign tax credit relief for foreign tax paid on foreign income.
A leading Islamic Bank is looking for a Shariah compliant Auditor; send your proposal.
- Dubai, UAE
Madagascar manufacturer of green/organic pest control products wants to export to UK hotels. Want to appoint a professional firm to form UK company, register brands and carry out start-up matters including bank account and admin.
I am looking to purchase an existing business - I have one in mind. I have some capital but need to raise a bit more via commercial mortgages. Need professional advice. - Enquirer from Leicester, UK.
My sister, who lives in London, seeks to engage an appropriate immigration lawyer in NYC or Miami.
I am a freelance I.T. Contractor and work through my UK Ltd company. I am moving to France and need advice on how to structure my business to minimise tax and social security liabilities. I will be resident in France, and working for UK and French clients.
College for diplomats in London engaged a Big4 firm to do due diligence on their new project. After a year's delay and huge fees, the project had to be abandoned. They now want to engage an independent firm who is in an international group to carry out professional work.
One of my corporate clients engaged in Textile industry is interested in takeover of mid-sized company in UK. They want a Mergers & Acquisitions expert to find an appropriate target and carry out the work to completion - From a Chartered Accountancy practice in India
Me gustaría preguntarle si puede asistir a una Firma de Auditoria española vinculada a mi Firma de Abogados en una auditoria en Mexico de una empresa fabricante de componentes de automóvil
Puede indicarme donde tienen oficinas? Muchas gracias y un cordial saludo
Our Irish resident client has suffered withholding tax on royalties sourced from France. Is there a mechanism under French tax law to reclaim this withholding tax?
India-based estate agency wishes to invest in an estate agency business in Ireland. They need assistance to set up the business. Hindi speaker preferred.
Our client wishes to incorporate a UK co to strengthen their group profile for their products. Our client's relative in UK is willing to be a local Director. What procedures and costs are involved? We need a quote urgently.
I am an independent recruitment consultant in France with clients in London. I receive Affilica E-Magazine, which I find of interest and have forwarded it to a number of friends. As I saw the enquiry from the British currency trader in the Czech Republic, I thought I would write to you to ask if you could help me. I have now moved to France 3 months ago. I am currently looking to live in France but work in London. I therefore need someone appropriate to advise me on the best way to structure my business and tax.
We are looking for business associates (computer centres, organizations, Institutes, Entrepreneurs, Management Institutes, Colleges) to establish a chain of academies in India for establishing job-oriented financial accounting training courses with a 100% job-placement assistance programme to students enrolled.
A burner manufacturer client seeks a foreign investor to increase their profitability and operate abroad more easily. The company has produced oil burners (also LPG and gasoline) for furnaces, bakery and machines. In 2005, the Company's export sales were 400K USD, domestic sales in Turkey were 1,500K USD. We can provide financial and other data once a credible interested party is identified.
A London firm of accountants has a Singapore corporate client who carries out joint ventures with a New Zealand corporate to construct aquariums. Their next two projects are in Moscow and Tunisia. They require professionals to advise jointly how their client can: (a) minimise tax legitimately (b) avoid the pitfalls of transfer-pricing.
A spanish client is planning to set up a subsidiary in Poland; 70 per cent spanish company, 20% local partner and 10 % for key employees. Requesting overview about Poland and your firm's services.
We want to find a professional in a group to incorporate a company for us. The principal activity is to find buyers for spices, agro foods, oil seeds etc to export from India to all countries in Europe. We want to incorporate in a European country where company costs are the least for our marketing and promotional activities. We also want to help other companies in India to find buyers in European market. A lot of Indian entrepreneurs are keen to incorporate a company in Eastern Europe to find markets in Europe.
I am based in Cyprus with business connection in Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro. We are entitled to claim VAT for expenses incurred by business people/companies for exhibitions, hotels, entertainment, petrol, food and drink. We seek professional assistance to claim this VAT from Cyprus, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro.
I am an Indian resident working for a Sydney-based Australian Private Ltd company. I hold a P.A.N. card in India. Am I eligible for a tax refund under the double tax agreement between Australia and India?
I wish to engage an accountant to prepare my rental income accounts as a landlord, and advise on how to legitimately minimise my taxes. - Enquirer from UK
A potential new client has a Holding Company listed in Hong Kong with a manufacturing subsidiary in Singapore and a trading subsidiary in Indonesia. The Director says he is unhappy with their current set of auditors. He wants to switch auditors in all three locations
Enquiry from UK accountant: My client has a UK trading company and has been UK resident but he is now living in Switzerland and intends to remain there for the foreseeable future. He wants to know how he can make use of the Swiss tax laws. I have done a little research on Swiss personal and corporate tax and I have got to the stage where it would be really useful to talk to someone, to work out how we might restructure matters.
In Middle East, British/USA citizens have a premium reputation, and therefore my clients insist on us engaging a USA/British national. I am employing a British female for our practice marketing. Looking for HR advice about what designation she should have, Marketing Executive or Personal Relations Manager or Marketing Manager? Also, should she be from accounts background?
We are planning to set up a travel agency in Dubai. Seeking professional advice on most beneficial structure, and assistance with the procedure to set up. Is it better to take over an existing tourism company?
A UK-based telecom company is developing a new three-in-one mobile phone which will enable the user to use one handset for three different mobile phone numbers. This new design is to be sold to handset manufacturers and mobile operators so that they can offer additional services to increase their turnover. We have strong interest from well-known manufacturers and Tier-1 Mobiles Operator. The development focuses on a design for which we have raised Sterling 180,000 from UK. Now we seek an additional Sterling 500,000 to deliver a program of intellectual property for licensing.
Our USA client wants to set up an office in Spain employing one person. Need professional assistance to settle this in smoothly.
South African practice has a client working in Uganda and is in the process of establishing a business in Tanzania. Need professional assistance to establish a company in Tanzania.
Our client in Turkey has a business deal with an English company who have not paid for a work project. Professional assistance is required with Debt collection and possible litigation.
Tax consultants in Australia has a client (public company listed on the Australian stock
exchange) to incorporate a company in Tanzania to acquire mineral prospecting rights from another entity and to
conduct further exploration activities. Needs business licenses and permits for resident directors and non-resident directors, accounts, audit and tax compliance.
We are starting a new business to export certain consumer products. PayPal are unable to set up an account for our country. We need an e-commerce adviser who can settle in the web-based payment system for our website.
A German citizen living in Germany. His Mother is German and his father is Greek citizen. Greek father died in Greecev and has two children from his second Greek wife living in Greece. The Germany son wants his inheritance share of father's farm, real estate and other assets in Greece.
An investor is interested in buying a house in Spain, to 2 million Euros. Looking for a capable professional in Spain to advise and handle the whole matter.
My client wants to have a banking institution in Botswana International Financial Services Free Zone. There are requirements to meet and need of a local partner. They are currently a bank and financial institution. I need a local accountant/lawyer who can see through the registration process.
We are a leading importer and distributor of natural stone (marble, granite, travertine, slate) into Mid-West USA. We source products from all over the world, including South America. For logistics, we will start a warehousing operation in Brazil. Need to set up a corporate in Brazil. To navigate Brazil regulations and procedures, we seek professional assistance.
We are a UK firm of accountants and would like to be put in touch with registered auditor to sign accountant's report for a small firm of solicitors that we act for.
A Canadian practice are looking to build a working relationship with a suitable practice in Mauritius to set up Mauritius companies for their clients trading in India
Mr X has been working for a large financial institution in the City of London. He is moving in July to a job in Hong Kong with a hedge fund at a significant salary package. He wants advice to legitimately minimise UK tax on overseas income as a non-resident in UK
I operate a professional practice in Malaysia. I am looking for an accounting firm in Thailand to work alongside. Please introduce.
For high quality European style men's shirts, we are looking for manufacturers or designers in Europe as partners to distribute in Hong Kong, mainland China and the rest of Asia.
A client is considering setting up an operation in Malta. Interested in handling his enquiry?
An India company (quoted on Mumbai stock exchange) makes agricultural fertilizer products. They want set up a fertiliser factory in Madagascar near abundant gas fuel supply. Looking for a Madagascar business person who can get permission from Madagascar government and be business agent. India company has own capital for this project.
An architect client with operations in Kazakhstan wants to open a branch in Dubai. They seek professional advice and feasibility report for tax minimization how to optimally manage the business from Dubai.
Thinking long-term (international business in other countries), is it normal for companies to operate out of one subsidiary? UK or USA subsidiary? or a branch in UK? We are about to employ a person who is living in Switzerland, paying in Swiss Francs for his base but US Dollars for his variable commission. What to do for payroll?
An Australian accountant visiting Vienna and Budapest would like to meet accountancy practitioners there (other than Big 4) for business advice in English.
Form a new Australian corporate to provide management services to a 100% subsidiary of a Belize company. The subsidiary's business activity is to provide general assistance for emigration into Australia. Due diligence, accounting, tax, annual filing, consultancy and ongoing support. Recommendation to a reputable practice requested.
I have formed a UK Ltd company two weeks ago to operate as a consultant. I now seek someone appropriate to do bookkeeping, vat returns, monthly payroll and payslips, financial statements, personal tax and business advice.
Singapore architects subsidiary in UK request a recommendation to a UK accountant to carry out their accounting, tax and filing work. Whilst they are long established, the subsidiary is 2 persons operation.
Two UAE companies need to be set up for two of my clients - one is a large French multinational. I tried the famous law firm (name) there but am extremely disappointed with their attitude and seek a good UAE professional. Enquiry from a tax professional in Netherlands.
One of our clients, based in Canada, wishes to form a Company in Netherlands. I will appreciate if you can refer to us an accoutancy firm in Netherlands to handle the Company formation and other formalities in Netherlands.
Our Irish client's brother passed away in Australia. He was there on a working holiday. He had an Australian insurance policy worth about Euros 550,000 which is being left to his family in Ireland. Can you advise in the tax implications from an Australian perspective regarding the proceeds of this policy?
Our company provides financial planning services in Hong Kong. We have become a wholesaler of certain financial products to be distributed in Singapore & Malaysia. We seek professional advice whether to set up company or a branch office in Singapore & Malaysia, foreign exchange controls on profit repatriation and efficiency planning. Please introduce a good professional firm (accountants?) charging reasonable fees and always serves small & medium sized enterprises.
Our client is interested in establishing a company in Austria. He runs an electronics company which will receive and then ship goods. Needs strategic plan for efficient operation and tax structure.
Our firm’s client from India is in electric light fittings and chandeliers. They want to start a new company in Italy. The new Italian company’s role is sales and distribution to Italian customers and also look for new customers in nearby European countries. They want to engage an Italian commercialisti practice or an Italian law practice to get them successfully established in business in Italy.

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