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GERMANY - Hamburg - 11 MAY 2017 Thursday

Who: Senior Partners of WP firms, CPA firms, Law firms from Hamburg and Europe

What: Seminar to explore referral of clients' out-of-country work to each other

: Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Neuer Jungfernstieg 9-14, Hamburg, Germany
             click - conference hall

: Thursday 11 May 2017

: Clients from overseas are setting up business from one country to another. They want introduction to a reliable professional for trading subsidiary, export/import, buy businesses, invest in real estate, expand into tourism, product distribution, BPO, subcontract, inheritance, dispute resolution, litigation and more.

Presenters Topic:
Business activity of our clients and the professional work we do
- And -
Proposal to work alongside each other for clients' out-of-country work

Presenters: Affilica members and each invited German WP and Lawyer

09.00 - 09.30  Registration, tea, introductions
09.30 - 09.45  Keynote speech by Affilica director
09.25 – 12.45  1-to-1 face-to-face sitting at tables
                         “Work Referral Possibility”
                           talking between
                           Affilica hosts (senior partners) and
                           Hamburg invited guests (senior partners)
12.45 - 12.50  Group photos
12.50 - 14.00  Buffet Lunch and talking
14.00 - 15.00 PowerPoint presentations by Affilica hosts
15.00 - 16.00 PowerPoint Presentations by Hamburg guests
16.00 - 16.10 Closing speech

Cost: Free of charge to German WP and lawyers invited to meet Affilica members

Application : Invitation to this Seminar


South Africa - Cape Town

 Under planning

Turkey - Istanbul
Under planning

USA - New York
Under planning

Brazil - Sao Paulo

Under planning


Kenya - Nairobi

Under planning

Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Under planning

France - Paris
Under planning

India - Mumbai
Under planning

Nigeria - Lagos
Under planning

Australia - Sydney
Under planning


CHINA - Shanghai
23 October 2015 - Many local CPA firms and law firms invited to meet Affilica members

INDIA - New Delhi

21 February 2015 - Hugely successful seminar with invited local firms of accountants and lawyers. Presentations made by Affilica members.


2 October 2014 - Local law firms and audit firms, presentations by visiting Affilica members and one-to-one discussion of work referral possibilities

SPAIN - Barcelona

18-19 April 2013  "Sustainable Onshore Tax Structures" presentations by Affilica members; guests were accounting and law firms from Barcelona, Moscow, Sofia

RUSSIA - Moscow
26-27 September 2012 Affilica members presentations to 41 invited local lawyers and auditors. One-to-one meetings to discuss client referrals
CYPRUS - Limassol
9-10 November 2011 Exhibitor at CIS professionals conference

U.K. - London
6-7 October 2011 Members meeting held at Reform Club.

MALAYSIA - Kuala Lumpur
8-11 November 2010 Exhibitor at "World Congress of Accountants"




I totally enjoyed my first seminar as a member of Affilica in New Delhi. It was great to interact with all the invited guests. It was my first visit to India. The visit to the Taj Mahal in Agra organised by Affilica was wonderful. I look forward to the next seminar in Shanghai. Thanks to the Affilica management team for making this Delhi seminar a success.
- Jaysen Harree, Hamble Tax & Accountancy (London, U.K.)

A very big thank you for organising this amazing seminar in New Delhi. You are a deep and caring man, and someone I'm pleased to know. The potential of Affilica is there. I've seen the world differently these last few days, and through you, I really like what I see. I just really love your style and temperament; it's good to see the best in people. Thank you so much, I was a little reticent before I left but very pleased I did go.
- Jeffrey Lermer, Jeff Lermer & Associates Chartered Accountants (London, U.K.)

Dear (name), Please find herewith the attached email from Mr J. Manek - MD Affilica. He has kindly accepted your request as a favour. I am forwarding his email so that you can start membership application process. Mr. Manek is always very supportive and you can feel free to contact him. I welcome you in the alliance in advance.
- Abdus Salam Jan FCA (Pakistan)

Thank you so much for all your efforts and the tremendous support you gave to me to suggest and bring to reality my video presentation to the seminar whilst I was unable to travel to Bogota due to a bad flu.
- Erich Baier (Vienna, Austria)

I wish to start Affilica membership from February 2014. I was waiting for a such a long time because I need to understand the results of Affilica meetings i.e. in Moscow and in Barcelona. I think that you will have the pleasure to know that during last year I have had several requests from your colleagues I met in Barcelona concerning my services. They did not result in any special order, it was only consultations, but I have got proof that Affilica meetings really work! And the letter from you is another confirmation. Of course, I will be glad to work with the new client from Greece. So I am waiting for your introduction.
- Sergey Protasov (Moscow, Russia)

First of all thank you for all your efforts and thank you for organizing this very interesting conference in Barcelona. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.
- Erich Baier (Vienna, Austria)

The Affilica meeting in Barcelona on 18-19 April 2013 was the first that I have attended and I found the location and the facilities first class. I was impressed with the quality of the presentations and look forward to meeting my new friends again very soon on a social as well as a commercial basis.
- Keith Lawrence (Gibraltar)

The Barcelona dinner and conference were well above my expectations. Each of the attendants expressed a desire to further liaise with me by e-mail on the topics discussed.
- Joseph Peters (Netherlands)

Once again, thank you for the excellent organization and support you have provided in making all the arrangements for Affilica's event in Moscow. I must say it surpassed my expectations.
- Andreas Koumenides, Profel Services (Cyprus)

I received the CD of photos at the Affilica meeting in London last week. It is very nice. It took me a week to settle down after my return from London. I will be writing to all Affilica members I met there. One of the participants, Mr. Steve Knowles of UK, is planning to visit Dubai next month and I look forward to our meeting here. Once again thank you for all your efforts and I pray God give you more and more strength to carry on the good work.
- Ramu Iyer, Al Kttbi & Associates (Dubai)



Brazil, Sao Paulo
Oct 2015



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Accountants and lawyers are in a position to refer their clients’ out-of-country professional work requirements to you. However, ultimately it is the client who decides whether to engage your practice.
Clients with sizeable business have an instinct about putting their future in the hands of a stand-alone practice, especially if located far away. They feel comforted when they see your practice has group answerability as a member of Affilica International. Apply for Affilica membership to overcome their reluctance to engage your practice.

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