Affilica International Alliance of accountancy firms
and law firms worldwide

Written by Jaffer Manek
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 17:50
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Acquire new clients

  Referrals from Affilica Members
Their clients' out of country requirements

  Recruit corporate clients
Your contacts see Affilica logo on your business card and website, and so refer their corporate friends to you instead of diverting them to those large firms

  Readers of "Affilica Update" e-magazine
contact you with their enquiries
Circulation 22,000 practitising Accountants and Business Lawyers in 100+ countries

  Visitors to the Affilica website
see your profile

  Professional guests at Affilica seminars
held in various cities would have a good feeling to get in touch with Affilica members

  InPractice Software users 
see a link to Affilica website from their software
Avoid losing best clients

  Biggest clients stay longer
They feel safer by knowing that your practice has answerabilty as part of this international group

  Banks do not divert your clients
They see stand-alone practices as high risk.
As part of this group, their risk concern is lower.

  Back-up and support
from independent Affilica members in other locations worldwide

Alternative to big firms

  International status
whilst staying independent

  Connect with larger clients
Larger contracts are higher fees
Affiliated internationally  

  Show your international standing

  Display the Affilica logo on your
Business Cards, Letters, Website

  Membership certificate in your office

  Affilica sticker in your window

  Anniversary trophy on your desk

  Affilica diary in your pocket

  Affilica logo in your email signature



Accountants and lawyers are in a position to refer their clients’ out-of-country professional work requirements to you. However, ultimately it is the client who decides whether to engage your practice.
Clients with sizeable business have an instinct about putting their future in the hands of a stand-alone practice, especially if located far away. They feel comforted when they see your practice has group answerability as a member of Affilica International. Apply for Affilica membership to overcome their reluctance to engage your practice.

Affilica International


Affilica International, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, U.K.
Post to: 4 Chiswick Place, Eastbourne BN21 4NH, U.K.
Telephone:  + 44 (0)1323 722106    Email

Affilica International is an alliance of independent firms of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other. "Affilica Update" circulation is 24,000 practise CPAs and lawyers in 100+ countries.