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Affilica InPractice Software Ltd
152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, U.K.
Letter/Parcel: 4 Chiswick Place, Eastbourne BN21 4NH, U.K.

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Telephone + 44 (0)1323 722106

Company Registered Number
01969932, UK Companies House
UK VAT Number: 466 5927 03

Affilica C.E.O.
Mr. Jaffer Manek

Creation of the name Affilica
Affilica is a variation of the word "Affiliate". This gives a sense of independant professional firms not sharing liability of any other firm in the group.

Booster Activity:
We develop and supply our own branded accountancy/audit software. “InPractice Audit Manual: The Cost-Effective Method” is used by independent audit firms operating in 34 countries.
From a link embedded in this software, users connect with Affilica members.



Affilica International is an alliance of independent firms of
Accountants  Auditors   Lawyers  
Tax Experts   Business Consultants
who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other.
Enquiries potentially from 24,000 practising lawyers and accountants who subscribe to monthly e-magazine "Affilica Update".

Group Answerability
The client's instinct is that it is safer to engage a professional who is in a credible group. Their instinct is not to put their business future in the hands of a stand-alone practice.

 The difference
Not dominated by a large firm member
Multi-disciplinary to offer a variety of expertise
Rapid decision-making for effective service delivery
Diversity with equal opportunities 

Affilica member firms are an alternative to big firms
Personalised service
High standards technically and professionally
Competitive fee charges
The same person looks after the work  

Applicants vetted by Affilica management
Professional qualifications
Technical ability
Communication skills

New Clients
Millions of new clients (persons, families, corporates):
- trade and invest in other countries
- buy a second home in another country
- inherit from relatives in another country.
They all look for expert advice and assistance for matters they cannot solve themselves from far away. Before they hand over to you located in a different country, they test for your  answerability; that is when you need to inspire them by showing your Affilica membership.
How clients appoint their professional


  Accept an assignment only if you have sufficient experience and capacity to deliver in a timely manner.

  Confirm fees in a signed Letter of Engagement before starting professional work.

  Work only in the best interests of the client with no divided loyalties.

  Ensure all work is carried out objectively, impartially and independently.

  Invoice the clients regularly to avoid fee arrears.

  Cultivate a high standard of professionalism with regular retraining and research.

  Nurture ongoing communication and interaction with other Affilica members.

  Communicate in a professional manner.

  Respect client confidentiality as required by own regulator's rules.

  Not to accept clients engaged, directly or indirectly, in Human Rights Abuses, the Arms Trade, Genetic Modification, Ecological Damage, Animal Testing, etc.


  TECHNICAL COMPETENCE Apart from technical skills of accountancy or law, an in-depth knowledge of specific industry sectors.

  REGULATED An independent firm regulated by a professional body e.g. Institute of Chartered Accountants, CPA, Bar Association, Law Society.

  SIZE OF FIRM 2 -100 personnel, can be a specialist boutique firm.

  ENTREPRENEURIAL & EXPANDING Looking for growth and expansion for a better profitability.

  COMMUNICATION SKILLS Ability to understand enquirer's requirements and priorities, then explain solution options with sensitivity to the enquirer's cultural background.

  GROUP ENVIRONMENT Comfortable to operate with group affinity and group answerability whilst operating as an independent firm.

  BACKGROUND Trained in a professional practice.

  GLOBAL OUTLOOK Looking for clients from other countries who set up locally. 

  EMBRACE TECHNOLGY Competent user of computers and Internet Technology to deliver work electronically as well as manually.



Accountants and lawyers are in a position to refer their clients’ out-of-country professional work requirements to you. However, ultimately it is the client who decides whether to engage your practice.
Clients with sizeable business have an instinct about putting their future in the hands of a stand-alone practice, especially if located far away. They feel comforted when they see your practice has group answerability as a member of Affilica International. Apply for Affilica membership to overcome their reluctance to engage your practice.

Affilica International


Affilica International, 152-160 City Road, London EC1V 2NX, U.K.
Post to: 4 Chiswick Place, Eastbourne BN21 4NH, U.K.
Telephone:  + 44 (0)1323 722106    Email

Affilica International is an alliance of independent firms of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other. "Affilica Update" circulation is 24,000 practise CPAs and lawyers in 100+ countries.